Possible WET Tours and Activities


The Culloden reef runs the full extent of Culloden Bay and is one of the most untouched reefs on the island. Coral growth and marine life can be seen in just a few feet of water, the volcanic rock providing a good base for growth and shelter for marine life. The reef slopes to a maximum depth of 60 feet, with maximum reef development around the headlands of the bay. They encourage you to view this marvel of nature on their doorstep. Tours include a short briefing and orientation on reef do's and don'ts, and what to look out for before you go out, and, after, a look through their marine library to identify the population of the fascinating world you've just visited.

While snorkeling, you will see an abundance of healthy marine life, corals you will see are Brain, Star, and Finger. Sea whips, sea fans and Fire coral are also common, as well as fish of all types including angel fish, butterfly fish and wrasses. The unique formation of Culloden supports a wide diversity of aquatic life. A note of caution- in order to protect their fragile reefs, NEVER stand on, hold on to or touch coral, and NEVER harass aquatic life. Particularly, look out for urchins, and fire coral. Most creatures will leave you alone if you don't startle or harass them. More information on the coral reefs of Tobago and the life you can see underwater is available in the library.

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Coral Reef & Waterfall Tour

Take a scenic drive across to Scarborough and up the Windward coast, through seaside villages with picturesque views. Upon arrival at your destination, you will be taken on a glass bottomed boat to Angel Reef. Snorkeling equipment will be provided. Whether or not you choose to snorkel, the glass bottom boat is a window to the beauty of the undersea world.

Return to find your driver awaiting to whisk you off to a picnic lunch at the famous Argyle Falls , hidden a fifteen minute hike up the river's edge. Relax and swim in the refreshingly cool waters.

Then, begin your return trip through the world's oldest protected rainforest, their own Main Ridge Forest Reserve. Drive through lush vegetation and feel the temperature drop as you climb into the mountains. Stop at the lookout to see the spectacular view of the Sisters spread out on a blanket of glittering blue sea. Continue along through the preserve to the building which marks the beginning of the Gilpin Trail, one of their most popular rainforest hikes. Keep an eye open for brilliant green iguana, which may make an appearance along the way. You may also see pairs of parrots flying overhead.

Return to Footprints along the north coast, through the scenic fishing villages of Parlatuvier and Castara.

Snorkel Day Tour


Head for Mt. Irvine Bay , and snorkel the shallows, an easy jaunt near the shore.From there they head north, to Castara, and swim out to the headlands to explore the reef offshore. The scattered coral heads are encrusted with sponges and sea fans, and if you're lucky, you may see a school of iridescent squid, or a stingray nestled in the sand, or soaring majestically over the reef.

Northward bound again, this time to Englishman's Bay, where they'll have their picnic lunch. They'll take the time also to explore the river at the western end of the Bay before they again enjoy some unspoilt snorkeling.

It's a full day, then they head back to Footprints and have a look at their reef books to try and identify all the species they've seen for their snorkeling logs.




Most dives are drift dives, from approximately 30ft - 80ft. Ramp Sea dives the entire sweep of the North Coast , from Cove Point to the Sisters.

Explore the wreck Maverick, the intact cargo vessel MV Scarlet Ibis; visit with Jacob, the large, friendly Jewfish offshore Mt. Irvine .

Peer under ledges and into crevices as you soar over the reef at Divers' Dream looking for napping nurse sharks and turtles. You may catch a glimpse of sting rays and reef sharks too, if you're lucky.

Experience the rush of excitement found in the currents of Flying Reef as you catch a ride past the reef's inhabitants. Look out for bright tropicals, and lobster at this popular site.

Tobago offers spectacular diving, so if you'd like to try it, there's no better place to learn. Sign up for the Discover Scuba course, and if you fall in love, the dives can be credited to your PADI Open Water certification. The Discover Scuba course can be done in just a morning, and the Open Water course in as little as five days. Go for it!


Speyside Day Trip

Tobago 's most popular dive area, and for good reason. The rich currents swirling at this most northern tip of the island make for spectacular corals and sponges, including the world's largest brain coral (No, they won't convince you, you'll have to see for yourself!). And you may have that once in a lifetime experience of seeing the graceful manta ray. The names of the sites alone will intrigue you - Japanese Gardens, Do It, Blackjack Hole, Bookends - are you convinced yet?


Of course, you may swim in the sea. Please be careful, the bay is a bit rocky, which is very good for coral development, but not so good to the bottom of your feet! Reef shoes are available for loan, if you wish to sea bathe. Their salt water pools are also excellent for swimming. The water is pumped continuously from the sea and is not treated with chemicals in any way. Footprints has the only salt water swimming pools in Trinidad and Tobago . Their fresh water jacuzzis are solar heated, backed up by a conventional electric heater. Wonderful for a spectacular sunset or a night time soak. There are no lifeguards on duty, swimming in the sea, pools or jacuzzis is at your own risk. Parents, please look out for your children.




Tobago 's Shallow Draft Catamaran - This journey will take you to the South-West side of the island. Depart Footprints at 8:30am for Pigeon Point, where the Catamaran sails at 9:30am. You will cruise their waters with various stops for snorkeling and swimming. You will cruise through their Lagoons, where three different types of mangrove can be seen growing in salt water. Partake of a sumptuous barbecue consisting of chicken, fish and other accompaniments. Enjoy the open bar and rum punch specials. On return to the jetty at 4:30pm, afternoon tea is served.


Sunset Cruise

Tobago has the most fantastic sunsets and there is no better way to experience this than on sea. You will be taken to Pigeon Point from Footprints at 4:00pm. Upon arrival, set sail to Nylon Pool where you may enjoy a leisurely swim. Appetizers and an open bar are available.


Moonlight Cruise

Rediscover romance. An ideal trip for their in-house couples and honeymooners. This cruise will take you for an ocean view of Store Bay, Crown Point, Pigeon Point, the Bon Accord Lagoon and then to the Nylon Pool. Relax under the tropical sunset and await the magnificent moon rise. Sip wine with your sumptuous dinner under the glittering stars while romantic music soothes you. Departure time from Footprints is 4:00pm.


Natural Mystic Cruises

A Private Moonlight Cruise - NATURAL MYSTIC's private moonlight cruise is the ultimate romantic experience. To make your honeymoon or getaway trip memorable, charter this 40' Trimaran for a moonlight cruise of your very own.


Fun In The Sun

Charter a fun in the sun trip on NATURAL MYSTIC and see Tobago from a completely unique perspective. Sail into deserted bays and enjoy unspoilt snorkeling and swimming. Your NATURAL MYSTIC crew is always ready to take you off on the adventure of a lifetime.

Tobago offers some of the best game fishing in the Caribbean , so take the opportunity while you're here to head out into the blue yonder in search of marlin, sailfish, dolphin, kingfish and a real good time. Captain Moore aboard the sportfisher CUDA knows all the best spots, and will show you the finest Tobago hospitality.