Possible DRY Tours and Activities


Depart Footprints at 9:30 and head past Scarborough to one of Tobago 's former Bay Leaf Plantations. Gain a unique perspective of the island from atop French Fort. Learn about the island's history and culture during a visit to the Tobago Museum and Fort King George. Stop at a delightful gift shop in the heart of the Capital for the opportunity to purchase beautiful local items, memories you can take home with you. Enjoy a picnic lunch in the haven of the Botanical Gardens, then they head off to Plymouth to visit the Mystery Tombstone and Fort James . Stop for a cooling drink at the Arnos Vale Waterwheel, and explore this 18th century reminder of the glory days of the sugar plantations.


( Kariwak Village )


Hatha Yoga uses posture and breathing to improve mental concentration and physical well being. By enhancing your flexibility, strength and power, yoga will give you access to inner peace.


Qi Gong

(An ancient Chinese form of energy exercise)

This unique health system enables you to exercise without moving, by standing in specific postures which stimulate the flow of the body's internal energy.


The Shiatsu Massage

Treat yourself to a relaxing, healing massage. This Japanese form of bodywork, is designed to heal and promote health by influencing and improving the flow of energy, Qi, within the body. It is a synthesis of Chinese massage and western techniques derived from physiotherapy, osteopathy and chiropractics. It mixes stretches and manipulation with acupressure techniques, using fingers, thumbs and other parts of the body.


The Ayurvedic Massage

This is a complete head to toe treatment aimed at promoting deep relaxation and relieving areas of tension where stress has accumulated.


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Arnos Vale Water wheel

Visit the Arnos Vale Waterwheel for their cultural show. Enjoy the pulsating rhythms of African drumming while you sip your complimentary rum or fruit punch. This show will captivate you with its spectacular local dances and nostalgic folk songs. Be amazed by the nimble limbo dancers. They can also make a dinner reservation for you if you so desire (dinner cost not included in price).



As you know, access to Footprints is by dirt road. For this reason, especially in the rainy season, (June to December) They recommend a four wheel drive if you decide to rent a vehicle. The Suzuki Samurai is the most popular rental vehicle on the island. If you wish to rent a jeep or a car, They would be happy to arrange it for you. Theirprimary rental partner is Anthony's Rentals. Anthony's Rentals has one of the newest rental fleets on the island, and some of the most competitive rates. They have collision damage insurance available. If you can manage it, They recommend you rent a vehicle at least one day during your stay to give you the opportunity to discover Tobago .



Daily by appointment

Materials and tools will be provided

Some Tobagonians earn their living by using local materials such as calabash, wool and beads to make many interesting items for sale. Let them share their knowledge with you. Learn to make bags, bracelets, chains, table mats and many other items. Take your finished product home and show off to your friends, take pride in the knowledge that you did it all by yourself.



Theirresort driver will take you to Palm Tree Village where you can take a leisurely one hour ride along the beach.



Visit Tobago 's Main Ridge Forest Reserve and hike through the rain forest, protected by law since 1776, making it the oldest protected forest in the world. Your tour guide will take through the rain forest, identifying trees, plants and wildlife as you go along. Departure time from Footprints is 7:30am.



Nature sanctuary and sea bird breeding island

Leave for Turtle Beach Hotel where you will be met by the legendary David Rooks. This tour will take you to Fort King George in Scarborough, where you will gain some knowledge of Tobago 's history. The second stop will be King's Bay where you can delight in some bird watching. You will then be taken along the scenic Windward Coast to a famous restaurant in Speyside, nestled in the trees where you can feast on delicious home cooked food. It will take a fifteen minute boat ride to arrive at Little Tobago where you will be taken on a complete tour and shown all the wildlife, plants and birds this island has to offer.



Within the 61 acres of Footprints and the surrounding area, there are several walking trails which range from 15 minutes to one and a half hours. They vary from easy to challenging. They all offer the opportunity to see many species of birds, and magnificent vistas of the countryside and coast.


Sweet Hill Trail

Moderately steep uphill, +/- 20 minutes

This trail runs uphill from just behind the office southwards along the western perimeter ridge of Footprints and meets the Mot Mot Trail at Mango Junction. The name Sweet Hill was given to a part of the ridge by Curtis, the friendly Rasta who is their neighbour to the west and an itinerant poet - several of his verses are scribed on bamboo next to the trail. Return to Footprints the way you came, or via Culloden Village Walk.


Culloden Village Walk

Gentle uphill, moderately steep downhill, +/- 1 hour

This walk takes you up the Culloden Bay Road to the village of Culloden . Turn right and walk through the village westwards to Mango Junction. Return to Footprints via Sunset Hill Trail, or back along your outbound route.


Cocrico Valley Trail

Very steep uphill, gentle to moderate downhill. +/- 1 hour

*It is not recommended that you take this trail downhill.*

This trail takes you along the valley named for the presence of hundreds of Cocrico, elusive but very vociferous birds whose screeching, raucous calls can be heard for much of the day along this valley. The first part is short and is a gentle uphill climb. It gets very steep near the end and takes you up a 60-70 degree slope to Mango Junction. Not for the unfit or faint-hearted! Return via Culloden Village Walk or Sweet Hill Trail.


Guava Ridge Trail

Moderately steep (but short) uphill, gentle downhill. Short 15 minutes

This trail starts opposite the villa Tobago Monarch. Go uphill, up the steps, to the top of Guava Ridge. The trail then veers left gently downhill back to the Culloden Bay Road a mere 300 yards south of the Footprints entrance.


Mot Mot Trail

Gentle to medium uphill and downhill. 1 hour to 1:40 depending on your route

This trail is now a walking trail only, but was a mule trail used for sugar transport between Arnos Vale and Culloden. It is best to get a lift from Footprints to the start of the trail at Arnos Vale and then walk northeastwards along the Mot Mot Trail to Mango Junction (1 hour to this point). Return to Footprints via Sweet Hill (+/- 20 minutes), or through Culloden Village and down the Bay Road (+/- 30-40 minutes).